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3 Reasons Why Brands Love Our BRANDEdit Showrooms

We just wrapped our Spring 2024 BRANDEdit Showroom where over 175 creators attended and met with brands including LTK, Obagi, Sciton, Polite Society, and OneSkin. Our quarterly LA influencer showrooms have only grown in popularity amongst both influencer attendees and the brands that activate on-site. Here are 3 reasons why our brand clients have enjoyed our showrooms so much:

1) Unique Educational Moments

BRANDEdit Spring Showroom

Spring is a notoriously busy time for influencer events and showrooms, with many brands and PR agencies activating around larger cultural moments like festival season. With that being said, creators are looking for unique experiences that are worth their time amidst busy schedules, and our showroom delivers. With a focus on brand education and relationship-building, both creators and brand representatives leave our events raving about the educational factor that other experiences might lack.

2) Evergreen Opportunities

BRANDEdit Spring Showroom

The majority of creators are bombarded with products and services traditionally serving a cultural moment to drive brand awareness and sales, leaving that product/service disposed of or forgotten after the cultural moment has ended. Our brand partners can not only be highlighted for upcoming music festivals but are also brands that can and should be utilized throughout the year. The creators love the evergreen attributes of our brand partners. Our brand partners, likewise, love that creators continue talking about the products from our showrooms for months afterward.

3) The Power Of Human Connection

BRANDEdit Spring Showroom

We always have creators attend on an appointment basis, allowing the creators and our brand partners to have plenty of time to connect, laugh, relax, and enjoy each other’s company while learning about each other. While creators learn about new brand offerings, brands want/need to learn about creators too. Creators handle much of their business digitally, so providing a space where brands and creators can connect on a personal level in real life helps solidify relationships within the extremely large creator community.

The power of in-person events is clear, but more than that, we continue to build reputation on hosting meaningful experiences for both our influencer attendees and the brands we work with. Ready to activate at our next BRANDEdit Showroom or plan your own custom brand event? Get in touch with us.