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Top 3 Tips for Cross-Platform Engagement

Cross-Platform Engagement

When it comes to tracking social media performance, we are always looking at engagement. Engagement (aka the number of interactions a post receives) helps us understand how audiences are actually interacting with content. A high engagement rate means audiences are responding well to a post. Understandably, brands and influencers alike are always looking for ways to boost their engagement rate, as it has become such a vital data point. Here are three cross-platform techniques to boost engagement on Instagram and TikTok that we recommend testing out if your engagement rate could use some assistance:

1) New Tools for Cross-Promotion of Content

Share snippets or previews of TikTok content on Instagram Stories or Reels, and vice versa. Encouraging followers on one platform to check out your content on the other platforms drives traffic and engagement on both, for a full user experience. A reliable way to drive traffic between platforms is posting an Instagram Story of a clip with the most engagement from your TikTok video. Revamp this technique with new interactive content features on Instagram to promote your TikTok account.

TIP: Utilize the new Instagram Reveal sticker on Stories by adding content to post with a text prompt. Followers can only see the content if they send you a Direct Message through the Reveal sticker link, but you won’t have to approve every DM for them to see your content. This is a great way to engage with followers while also gaining insights into which types of text and content your followers engage with the most. Post a screenshot of this with a link on TikTok Stories once it goes live on Instagram to drive followers to Instagram.

For more on the latest interactive Instagram Story stickers, check out our guide here.

2) Harmonious Branding and Aesthetic

Use similar visuals, colors, and themes across both platforms. Content will of course vary by platform, but ensure your brand voice is consistent to enhance recognition and loyalty. Your authenticity will shine through the use of complementary aesthetics across both platforms, creating a recognizable brand identity. Your pages should give followers a sense of familiarity when they visit each platform.

TIP: Use the new Creator Studio features on TikTok to edit content, or gain insights on content engagement and optimization. Get creative with the new photo editor feature in the TikTok Creator Studio to create aesthetic thumbnails for videos. Post the thumbnail or short teaser clip on Instagram Stories to encourage followers to go to your TikTok page for the full video.

3) Revitalized Hashtags

Use branded or popular hashtags to increase visibility and participation across both platforms. This may be an obvious one to more seasoned creators, but using popular hashtags across all content is a tried and true method to increase visibility to new audiences in addition to your pre-existing followers.

TIP: Create or participate in challenges that encourage user interaction. Launch contests or challenges that encourage participation on both platforms, using popular or branded hashtags to boost visibility. Tailor your challenges to recent content and hashtags your followers have engaged with the most.