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3 Tips To Maximizing Your Influencer Campaign’s Effectiveness

Wendy Nugyen of Wendy's Lookbook - campaign effectiveness blog post

Nowadays, ads (which are often lackluster and poorly strategized) crowd influencer marketing space. We at The Digital Dept. know that not all influencer campaigns were created equally, and the strongest ones are thoughtfully created and optimized for high performance. To achieve this, we advise refining your campaign effectiveness in 3 major areas: influencer selection, content strategy, and campaign optimization.

Enhance your strategy via:


1) Thoughtful Influencer Selection

Your influencer selection needs to be deliberate and planned out. The farther out you can lock in influencer partners, the better prepared you will be, with plenty of time to develop campaign content and the ability to book influencers at their standard rates. Contracting influencers for long-term partnerships can help ameliorate costs while also building the efficacy of your campaign. We also recommend working with influencers who have proven track records with sales conversions (usually through an affiliate program like LTK or Amazon Associates, for two examples) if your goal is to achieve high sales conversions through influencer content.

2) A Defined Content Strategy

Focus on content types that will maximize your campaign goals. For Instagram, Stories are typically slightly less expensive than in-feed posts and can feature clickable links, ideal for brands with sales conversions top of mind. Short-form video is also a priority on Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms, with the ability to run them as whitelisted ads, a simple way to maximize return.

3) Campaign Optimization

Ad amplification and usage can run up influencer fees, which is why we recommend adding these on to influencer campaigns on an as-needed basis as a way to pay for only what you will use. Contracting for extensive usage upfront might seem easier, but for brands looking to cut costs, you may end up paying more for content that ends up going unused. Instead, assess organic content performance and select the optimal content pieces for ad placements and additional usage based on how well they do.


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