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Macro-Influencers on The Digital Dept. Talent Roster

Malika and Khadijah Haqq

Looking to work with creators with a large social following? Meet our macro-influencers, aka the creators on The Digital Dept.’s roster who boast over 1 million followers on Instagram or TikTok (and some have followings of over 1 million on both!). 

Why Work With Macro-Influencers?

These macro-influencers are great to work with when your brand aims to increase brand awareness and reach a massive audience. They have built up their followings through incredible content and can help develop truly captivating content on behalf of your brand. Many of our macro-influencers are also celebrity talent, which means working with them brings the potential for media coverage as well.

Scroll down to meet our macro-influencers, and click on their images if you wish to learn more about each creator.

Meet Our Macro-Influencers: