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4 Reasons Why You Should Book Influencer Ambassadors

We find that influencer ambassadors are crucial to brand marketing success and encourage you to seek out influencers who can serve as your trusted brand advocates.

1. Establish Continuity In Your Marketing

Ambassadorships form long-lasting relationships with influencers and develop marketing partnerships that can last months or even years. This allows you to integrate your brand into the influencer’s everyday life, telling a story through multiple rounds of posts and establishing brand familiarity with the influencer’s audience in the process. Continuity in marketing increases the likelihood of audiences purchasing a product, as the continued presence of the brand in an influencer’s content establishes trust and long-term loyalty.

2. Continue Relationships With Top-Performing Talent

If you are unsure of who to cast as your influencer ambassadors, look to top-performing talent from previous campaigns. Short-term partnerships are a great way to test the waters with different influencers, but once you have done so and have found the influencers who can effectively market your brand to their audience, you should prioritize working with them on a large-scale, long-term basis. These are your tried-and-true influencers. Booking them as ambassadors elevates the partnership and will likewise further elevate the content they produce.

3. Save Budgets With Cost-Efficient Package Deal

Long-term partnerships come with a larger upfront cost since they include several rounds of posts, but influencers will often offer multi-post partnerships at a discounted rate per post. For brands looking for the most cost-effective way to book influencers, we advise that it is more cost-efficient to book 10 influencers for 10 posts each than it is to book 100 influencers for 1 post each, and you will likely see better results in the long run, as well.

4. Experiment With New Platforms & Post Types

Multi-post partnerships allow you to experiment with different platforms and get creative with post types throughout the program. Leave room in your creative briefs and contracts to test out secondary social media platforms beyond your primary platforms and try out formats that stray from your typical marketing styles. You can lean on your influencers as creative collaborators, letting them brainstorm fun ideas that will make the content their own. With time and many posts to work with, you have the freedom to have some fun with the branded content your influencers put out.