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5 Reasons Why We Love Experiential Marketing

Influencer attendees at showroom gifting suite event

Powerful experiential marketing combines both social media content and a real-world experience and can be a great way to make a big splash in your marketing, all while establishing long-lasting influencer connections. Here are 5 reasons why we encourage experiential marketing:

1) Set Your Brand Apart From the Crowd

An in-person experience will make your brand stand out and provide influencers the opportunity to interact with your product in real life.

2) Show vs. Tell

Showing instead of telling is an important lesson in marketing, and the same can be said when trying to get influencers interested in your brand. A mailer that lets them experience the product, or a showroom where the influencer can get to know the product with brand representatives on hand, for two examples, will make them more invested in the product because they understand the experience firsthand, and are therefore more likely to share it with their audience, too.

3) Encourage Organic Posting

A unique event or creative, eye-catching mailer can be so exciting that an influencer is encouraged to post, not because they are contracted to but simply because they want to. We love paid partnerships and recommend them for guaranteed posting, but a beautiful brand experience will encourage organic social content and build organic brand fans as well.

4) Demonstrate Your Brand Voice & Values

Experiential marketing isn’t just about influencers interacting with your product. They can be an opportunity for brand founders to share their story, speak to the brand’s core tenets, and bring a brand voice to life. An eco-friendly makeup brand can host a beach cleanup with influencers, for example, to showcase not only key brand products but values.

5) Build Long-Lasting Influencer Relationships

Brand experiences and mailers are all about building strong, long-lasting relationships with influencers. As integral pieces in your marketing efforts, experiences can help you establish authentic connections with influencers who can become true partners, both in paid and gifting capacities.

Through our events and mailers team, we can guide you through the experiential marketing process and help you deliver your brand to key influencers. Let’s work together.