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Tap into The Digital Dept. Creator Network

The Digital Dept. is known for its exclusive roster of over 200 digital creators, but did you know that we have an extensive Creator Network that expands far beyond our roster as well?

Our Creator Network comprises thousands of influencers who we seek out for partnerships on behalf of our brand clients, featuring influencers of all following sizes, niches, and platform focuses for when campaign strategies call for influencers beyond just our exclusive roster. Whether it’s for a campaign that is focused on a geographically specific location or calls for nano influencers, or perhaps your brand is seeking industry experts in a niche field, The Digital Dept. can source through our extended network to find your perfect influencer partners.

Since The Digital Dept.’s launch last year, we’ve solidified our Creator Network with thousands of opted-in creators, along with even more in our extended database. Get to know the opted-in creators who make up the heart of our network and find out how you can harness them for your brand’s next influencer campaign.

The Creator Network, By The Numbers

Instagram Following Size:

The Digital Dept. Creator Network Instagram Following

Our network attracts influencers of all sizes, but it is an especially great resource for brands looking to activate nano and micro influencers in the space.

Where Our Network Lives:

The Digital Dept. Creator Network Where They Live

Most of our network hails from California or New York, but we have creators around the country—and plenty of international influencers as well—for when you have geographically-specific campaigns.

Our Network’s Age Range:

The Digital Dept. Creator Network Age Ranges

From Gen Z to Millennials to Gen X and above, our network features creators of key age demographics.

The Network On TikTok:

The Digital Dept. Creator Network TikTok Usage

The Digital Dept. Creator Network TikTok Following

76.7% of our network are active on TikTok, an ideal platform for video-heavy campaigns.

Most Popular Content Categories:

The Digital Dept. Creator Network Popular Content Categories

The most popular content categories amongst our influencers are Fashion, Beauty, Travel, and Wellness.


Interested in planning a campaign that utilizes our Creator Network? Whatever your influencer marketing needs, The Digital Dept. can handle all the heavy lifting. Let’s chat!