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The Advantages of Working With an Influencer Marketing Company

Brands are investing more in influencer marketing than ever before, which means scaling up a marketing strategy and spending more resources planning, executing, and reporting campaigns. Below are 3 reasons why we recommend working with an influencer marketing company like The Digital Dept. to facilitate your influencer marketing campaigns:

1) Influencer Marketing Companies have fostered strong influencer relationships.

Agencies like The Digital Dept. have worked with a wide range of influencers of every following size and niche, with a database of thousands and the inside scoop on past campaign performance. In fact, The Digital Dept. represents 200+ in-house creators, and we also have an extended network of thousands that we have vetted, so no matter what size or niche of influencer you are in search of, we can assess your campaign goals and efficiently pair your brand with the right influencer partners. This will save you countless hours of sifting through influencer profiles and wondering if they’ll get the job done.

2) They can offer key learnings.

We are constantly monitoring campaign performance and assessing the data, utilizing a suite of analytical tools to provide brand clients with actionable insights along the way. With our years of insider knowledge, we can assess performance and help you recalibrate for the future, providing your team with key learnings that will make the next campaign even more successful than the last.

3) They have full-time staff to quickly scale up campaigns.

Influencer campaigns are dynamic and ever-evolving. As you scale up your influencer programs, you’ll want to have an on-call team to help you quickly and effectively scale up your campaigns so that you can achieve your goals in our rapidly-changing space of digital media.


Want to work with a top influencer marketing agency like The Digital Dept. on your next influencer campaign? Let’s chat.