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Talent Roster: Teya Kepila

Teya Kepila is a Brooklyn-based artist, creative, and wellness coach. Teya encourages a message of mindfulness curated by a holistic approach to life. In sharing intentional pieces for a ritualistic lifestyle, she hopes to emphasize slow living and deep gratitude. With clay as her medium, she incorporates the meticulously balanced art of earth’s elements to express the power of small positive habits for a more wholesome life.

Along with sharing functional ceramics, she spreads a message of awareness for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being across all social media platforms. Teya keeps her online community a safe space to practice vulnerability sharing real moments of her mental health journey and the many small ways to develop a deeper relationship with the self. She carefully partners with brands that align with her community empowering individuals from near and far to continue an intentional peaceful way of life.