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Michelle Hong


Talent Roster: Michelle Hong

Coach Michelle Hong is a global figure skating icon who inspires her online community through her happy, healthy, holistic content. Coach Michelle’s impact has been recognized by Good Morning AmericaThe International Skating Union, and Forbes as she shares her inclusive and motivational videos with more than 1 million followers across InstagramTikTok, and YouTube.

Coach Michelle is passionate about helping her community live abundantly both on and off the ice as she shares her health, lifestyle, beauty, and travel tips alongside her expertise as a National Level Coach revolutionizing the way people learn about figure skating.

She was named the “2023 World Ice Skating Day Icon” by The International Skating Union and her online community has coined her the “comfort coach” that everyone wishes they could have.

Coach Michelle’s genuine spirit and vulnerability is what keeps her audience so engaged with her content whether she is sharing her skating tips, wedding planning experiences, eczema journey, or mental health struggles. They are excited to be part of Coach Michelle’s journey while gaining her valuable advice and support.