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Lynn Shabinsky


Talent Roster: Lynn Shabinsky

Lynn Shabinsky, also recognized as White Hair Wisdom, is a lifestyle content creator with a presence in both Canada and California. Throughout her life, Lynn has forged a dynamic career spanning the realms of fashion, beauty, and influencer marketing. While her roots lie in Psychology and Physical Education, Lynn seamlessly integrates her expertise from these fields into her social media content. Driven by a passion for fitness and wellness, Lynn, a former marathon runner, currently holds a certification as a yoga instructor. Since becoming a content creator, Lynn has made a significant impact in the influencer space by taking her knowledge beyond the platform by participating in live speaking events, podcasts, product collaborations and more. Lynn’s commitment to establishing strong connections with brands truly reflects her genuine enthusiasm for her career. Now in her 60s, Lynn embodies authenticity, inspiring her community to embrace their worth, confidence, and health at every stage of life.