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Kellie Brown


Talent Roster: Kellie Brown

Kellie is a marketing maven turned content creator who has been featured in Vogue, Architectural Digest, Good Morning America, and more. She helped change the landscape of inclusive fashion both behind the scenes as a marketer – creating collaborations like Gabi Fresh x Swimsuits for All and as a creator known for trend-setting style. 

Most recently, Kellie has made major waves in the world of interior design with the launch of Deeply Madly Modern. She’s become everyone’s Home Decor Homie with her eponymous series “Home Decor Homies” where she marries friendship and home decor with inspiration-worthy home tours. The show airs on the Deeply Madly Modern YouTube channel.

Kellie is a New Yorker living in Palm Springs and spends a lot of time googling hypoallergenic cats.