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Katie Dunlop


Talent Roster: Katie Dunlop

Meet Katie Dunlop, a powerhouse in the world of health and fitness. Her dynamic expertise as a certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and pre- and post-natal specialist has propelled her to the top of the wellness industry. Based in vibrant Orange County, CA, Katie is the Founder and visionary behind Love Sweat Fitness, a transformative women’s health and lifestyle brand. With a global following under her belt, Katie has fostered a loyal community where women unite under her guidance as more than just a trainer, but as a trusted confidante and ally on their wellness journey. Her passion for empowering women radiates through every facet of her work, from thoughtfully curated products and brand partnerships to invaluable tools that champion her mission of self-acceptance and optimal living. Katie doesn’t just inspire change; she embodies it, encouraging women worldwide to embrace their truest selves and embrace their healthiest, happiest lives.