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Jessica Bui


Talent Roster: Jessica Bui

Meet Jessica Bui, aka The Orange Home. She’s always been somewhat of a sharer, whether that was snacks in a meeting, a recipe she recently cooked, or an extra bed in her house. With that motivation (and a global pandemic that resulted in work travel halting), The Orange Home started.

The intent of The Orange Home is to invite all into Jessica’s home to relax, enjoy a bite, and leave feeling inspired, both digitally and IRL. Another intention of her home is sharing the blend of her “multi-cultural smoothie”, as she likes to call it. As the daughter of Vietnamese refugees, Jessica is inspired by the beauty of all cultures. You can see her “smoothie” through her home decor, Italian or Greek dishes, guest appearances from her parents, and her American-sized refrigerator. Come on in and stay awhile!