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Daniela Labory


Talent Roster: Daniela Labory

Meet Daniela Labory, a Venezuelan-born fashionista, beauty enthusiast, and formidable new mom breaking the mold of your typical Latina influencer. Raised in Venezuela, she cultivated a keen eye for style in a culture that treasures beauty.

Now based in the Miami area, Daniela has become a social media sensation, sharing budget-friendly beauty tips and high-end fashion hauls with her signature #realness. Beyond the glamour, she candidly navigates the challenges of new motherhood, reminding her followers that beauty is not just skin deep. A proud Latina, Daniela defies stereotypes, proving that success in career, love, and motherhood can coexist. Whether you seek fashion inspiration or a dose of #momlife realness, Daniela Labory is your go-to for feeling beautiful and empowered.