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Chad & Gabrielle


Talent Roster: Chad & Gabrielle Rader

Chad & Gabrielle Rader have been married for over 12 years and have been sharing their lives on social media for just as long! It all started on Facebook in 2009. While working in Afghanistan as a contractor, Chad sent a message to Gabrielle because he thought she was beautiful. They had graduated from the same high school in 2000 but didn’t know each other at all. After 2 years of long-distance dating, they got engaged, planned a whole wedding (still long distance) and the rest is history. Now, over 20 years after high school they have a thriving marriage, two amazing kids, and an ever-growing social media business. As full-time influencers, they post family-focused vlogs three times a week on their YouTube channel, GabeBabeTV, and have worked with hundreds of brands on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter (now X), Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok. Their mission is to showcase life and marriage authentically with a healthy dose of love, life, and laughter.