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Dr. Brittney


Talent Roster: Brittney J. Fusilier

Dr. Brittney J. Fusilier is a wife, mom, and pharmacist who is dedicated to creating a harmonious work-life balance for her busy family. Between juggling four beautiful girls, a husband, being a pharmacist and influencer, Brittney has her hands full! She has the cutest and coolest Goldendoodle pup named Murphy. Everything that she has and all that she is, she gives thanks to Christ.

Brittney played volleyball for LSU and graduated with a BS in Accounting. She furthered her education at Xavier University of Louisiana (XULA), where she earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She also met her husband on the first day of orientation and their love story skyrocketed the moment their eyes locked. First and foremost a child of God, she knows her purpose in life is to show others that life has so much more to offer than your typical 9-5 life.

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