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Lily D. Moore
Lily Moore

Lily D. Moore is an actress, model, and advocate for people with disabilities, whose fearless ambition is helping her achieve her dreams and pave a

Megan Golightly
Megan Golightly

Megan Golightly loves what she does and has been doing it for 14 years. She has a passion for problem-solving, organizing projects big and small,

Marjanne Suarez
Marjanne Suarez

Marjanne is a content creator, mother, and small business owner based in Washington, D.C. Growing up in Dubai for 25 years, Marjanne moved to the

Tamara Bradshaw
Tamara Bradshaw

Tamara has been the go-to influencer for all things home and fashion. From having one of the most talked about closet’s on social media, she

Chloe Homan
Chloe Homan

Chloe Homan, affectionately known by her handle @frizzandfrillzz, is a beauty creator and entrepreneur. In 2021, she launched Curlfriend Collective, her silk hair accessory venture

Teya Kepila

Teya Kepila is a Brooklyn-based artist, creative, and wellness coach. Teya encourages a message of mindfulness curated by a holistic approach to life. In sharing

Stella Simona

Stella is a Los Angeles-based mother, wife, content creator, visual storyteller, creative entrepreneur, and co-owner of fine jewelry brands Amarilo and Haati Chai. With a

Nelson Yong

Nelson is a business consultant and content creator based out of Seattle, specializing in fashion, lifestyle, and grooming. With a flair for relatable sophistication, Nelson

Melanie White

Melanie White is a New York-based influencer & entrepreneur who creates lifestyle and travel content on her blog, YouTube channel, and app. Her goal is

Marwa Atik

A first-generation Syrian who was born and raised in Los Angeles, Marwa co-founded her company VELA at the age of 18, creating fashion-forward hijabs that