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Highlighting the benefits of a buy now, pay later app with engaging influencer content


To educate audiences about a new buy now, pay later app and ultimately drive awareness and app downloads, The Digital Dept. cast a group of 14 diverse creators to develop one-of-a-kind content to evoke the emotion of a financially fearless world showing audiences how the app helps to live your life while still in control of your tomorrow.


Each influencer created content for Instagram (either Reels or a Carousel post) as well as Instagram Stories that fell in line with one of three creative concepts The Digital Dept. developed, all of which spoke to utilizing the app in their everyday lives. Content spoke to the benefits of the app and how the service fit seamlessly into each influencer’s life, while also highlighting the financial benefits of a buy now, pay later service.

To track conversions, each influencer was provided with a unique tracking link driving to app downloads. To further encourage audience consideration, each influencer was also provided with a personalized promotional code to offer their followers $10 off their next purchase when signing up and using the app. The Digital Dept. utilized strategic paid amplification to extend the reach of the campaign.