Talent Roster: Jessica Hirsch

Jessica Hirsch, also known as CheatDayEats on Instagram and ItsMyCheatDay on TikTok has the top-level skill sets, audience, and passion for food and travel to offer brands a unique collaboration that will help stand out in the busy world of social media. Her fun personality combined with her unique content creation skills are not the only things that set her apart in a crowded world of influencers. Jessica’s high-quality photography and videography landed her on Sony’s Alpha Collective Team, a group of the finest photographers in the world.

CheatDayEats first took root on social media in 2014 while Jessica was working as a full-time math teacher. By 2017, she made the bold decision to leave her teaching career behind and fully dedicate herself to content creation and brand consulting. Collaborating closely with her personal and business partner, Jessica curates exceptional, top-tier recipes, offers consulting services to restaurants, and assists tourism boards in showcasing their offerings.

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