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Corinne Joy


Talent Roster: Corinne Joy

Corinne Joy is an influencer, dancer, actor & singer who has made remarkable strides in the entertainment industry at a young age. At just 11 years old, she had already established herself as a three-time national champion in dance. At 16, she is an accomplished actress and recording artist. On the social media front, Corinne expressively shares her journey through her platforms, offering followers a glimpse into her real life. With makeup tutorials, outfit inspirations, her curly hair journey, school days, auditions, dance, and personal achievements, her “Get Ready With Me” videos eloquently showcase real teen life.

Corinne transitioned to dancing when she was six after her interests shifted from gymnastics. This early switch to dance sparked a career that would eventually see her rise to national champion status multiple times and move to Los Angeles. Beyond dance, Corinne has also ventured into the world of acting and group performances. She was signed with Columbia/Sony Records in the all-girl music group Run The World and also became a cast member of the popular web series Mani and Chicken Girls.

Given all of her talent and dedicated followers, Corinne has worked with major brands such as Barbie, Nike, Nickelodeon, Disney LEGO, Netflix, Windsor, Hot Topic, and Puma, which highlights her versatility and adaptability in the performing arts and brand space.